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We're small but really mighty! Our DNA is engrained in everything we create, and our goal is to always provide the most innovative health solutions to you, our heroes! 

– Our Mission –

To provide the most innovative health solutions.


Meet Mario. He’s an outside the box thinker. He has lots of ideas (some better than others). Some of his ideas are ahead of their time. When he senses a problem, he becomes part bloodhound and part Da Vinci. Once he’s done with his investigative work and identifies the problem, he goes about creating novel solutions that reflect the needs of today with what he sees coming in the days, years and even decades ahead.


He stumbled into air purification as a result of problems with the printed circuit board industry. Contaminants in the air cost companies like his thousands of dollars, but solutions were large and expensive. He sought to make a portable solution. When the SARS outbreak hit in 2003, he created a personal and professional solution. The solutions he generated were useful for some, but the world was not truly ready for it...and the new LED lighting tools he created at the time took off and have been used extensively by public safety around the globe.


So we’re dusting off the solutions that helped people before and making them better. As you can see, it caught the attention of folks like Wired Magazine and was used in a Victorinox jacket...but the world wasn’t ready. It now is.  

And with that, Mario’s improved and new air cleaners are available to help people and businesses to be safe and operate with more freedom and security. The world is ready. We’re here to help. So please let us know how we can assist. 

Thanks for visiting our modest site and take a few minutes to look around. Have questions? Need answers? Or just want to find out more about us? Visit our contact us form and send us a message – we'd love to get to know you. 

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