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A casino in Southern CA installed floor units in a costume and prop room where themed apparel, event costumes and other apparel and accessories were stored.


This casino wanted to protect the clothing and props from dust in this room. In addition, the casino had smoking sections which caused some clothing to have an odor. Floor air sanitizers were brought in, which reduced the dust as well as the smell from cigarette smoke on some of the garments. This made the working area smell better and protected the lungs (and eyes) of employees in this area from dust and more.

It also helped staff as they entered and exited the room along with inventory staff in having clean air in their work area as they conducted their work. In the summer and on peak days, this casino held concerts, tournaments, shows and more. 

These units ran continuously and could be rolled out of the way when not needed. 

costume room_theatre baton rouge crystal
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