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A large Police Department in the southeast US was experiencing issues with their Property and Evidence Room. Unfortunately, this windowless P&E room had overflowing items along with poor ventilation and humidity, which made it easy for mold and fungi to grow. The problem was bad enough that evidence was being contaminated and employees were getting sick.

This large room stored several boxes, bags and bins. It had tall ceilings and the suggestion was to install a new, upgraded HVAC system at the other end of the room. These repairs would have cost $60k.  Even worse, this new and improved ventilation system was going to be installed on the opposite side of the room that had the area of concern. 

This PD reached out to us to see if we have a faster and more cost effective that could better solve the problems they were experiencing. Upon completing an interview with the department, a solution was recommended in a consultation outlining which sanitizers to install and where.


This PD installed our portable room purifiers in the area of greatest concern. Portable floor sanitizers were positioned near the working area. The ability to deliver clean air and neutralize threats at the main problem location instantly solved the problem.


Even better, this targeted solution instantly delivered results at a fraction of the cost. No construction was required, which meant no moving of items or security needing to be brought in. Should the P&E room be moved at some point in the future, the air purifier could be quickly transported to their new home.

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