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When wildfires ravaged San Diego county in 2003, homes were destroyed and lives were turned upside down. After having their neighborhood destroyed by the Cedar Fire, Ralph G., a 79 year old dad, contacted us to inquire about our room purifier as he was desperately seeking a solution to help his adult daughter (Heather) stay at home. While they were one of the fortunate ones to not lose their home, their neighborhood became a disaster zone overnight.

To make matters worse, Heather had restrictive pulmonary disease. In normal situations, she could not fully fill her lungs with air because her lungs were restricted from fully expanding. After this wildfire, she was unable to breathe in her home and had to be hospitalized because of the polluted air from the fires. 

After the fires, many were able to begin rebuilding their homes and trying to put their life back together. For this family, the steady dose of vehicles and construction combined with the scorched earth caused by the fire made it impossible for their daughter to breathe while at home. Their insurance company was willing to cover their hotel costs for the next 3 months, which is when they said air quality would become acceptable once again. Rather than being confined to a small hotel room for multiple months, they purchased two room purifiers, then known as the Air-Aid.


One was placed in Heather’s bedroom and the other in the family room. The family was able to stay together in their Scripps Ranch home. It saved the insurance company money and enabled this family to have some normalcy and peace of mind amidst a crazy time.

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