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A private school in Southern CA experienced a bad mold outbreak following a ruptured pipe. It flooded their Multipurpose Room, which the school and church used for assemblies and events. Mold quickly grew and spread on the damp surfaces.


Remediation work was needed to remove and replace the drywall. With remediation work, mold spores were dislodged. Individuals with mold sensitivities, allergic reaction or asthma problems could have experienced life-threatening reactions when exposed to mold.

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Multiple floor air sanitizers were brought in so that the Facilities staff could perform all remediation work needed to get the job done. The germicidal UV killed mold spores making it safer to work in this environment.


While the remediation project took longer than expected, facilities management staff was able to complete the job as quickly and safely as possible with no staff getting sick. At the completion of the project, filters were thrown out and replaced with new ones.

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