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Money can be quite dirty and very dangerous. For example, 90% of US bills carry traces of cocaine.

A few California casinos contacted us from 2004 to 2007 to assist with their Soft Count rooms. This is the room where money is counted. In this room, machines quickly process stacks of dollar bills. After the currency is counted, it is put in stacks like the picture to the left and taken to a safe location. These casinos had employees getting sick from breathing in dust (cotton, narcotic traces) and eyes being exposed to dust and other irritants. OSHA issued the casinos a warning and they needed to come up with a solution to improve employee health and safety. 

Room purifier units were rolled into the soft count rooms of various casinos. When money was counted, they were rolled closer to employees. When it wasn't being used, it was tucked into a corner and was out of the way.


Employees noticed an immediate improvement in air quality. Particle counts were run before and after the air purifiers were brought into the rooms and the particle count was dramatically improved (60% reduction).

The problem was solved with no major HVAC installations or construction being needed. The OSHA inspector was pleased and the problem was solved. Cha-ching. 

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